Tattoo apprenticeship at Freakys Tattoo and Piercing, 

Amy Asche is currently completing her tattoo apprenticeship at Freakys Tattoo and Piercing, a reputable studio situated on the vibrant street of Colfax in Denver, Colorado. Guided by the extraordinary talent of the legendary Enigma Live—a figure renowned in the tattoo world for his artistic prowess and distinctive style—Amy is learning the craft from one of the industry's most notable figures.  Alongside Enigma's mentorship, she is also receiving guidance from Bobby Black, the shop manager, whose experience and tattoo expertise are invaluable assets to her burgeoning career. Amy is honing her skills, mastering the intricate techniques, and embracing the rich culture of body art within the walls of Freakys, ensuring that her foundation in tattooing is both solid and well-rounded.

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Guinness World Record Holder the Enigma Moves to Denver | Westword

Currently working Thursdays - Mondays at Freakys on Colfax in Denver.